PMV Life Science Pvt. Ltd.
why choose PMV
PMV Life Science Pvt. Ltd.
Proved Performance

Over 5 decades we have developed outstanding reputation with custom-ers and partners, a legacy carried from our parent company, Mehta API

Virtual Set up

Being a virtual company allows us to provide premium service at each step of the project by partnering with the most appropriate service pro-viders and bringing on the best consultants. Our asset light model gives us a cost advantage that we can pass on to our customers

Highest Standards

We promote high quality products, which undergo the strong criteria of safety and efficacy on a high technical and regulatory level. At PMV, we strive that the quality policy becomes the building block of the company, with the highest level of responsibility and accountability towards compliance across all levels and departments

Experienced Team

We have a team of expert & experienced professionals with a successful track record in product /portfolio development, managing license and supply partnerships with third parties